Pasteur Hospital

Pasteur Specialized and Sub-Specialized Hospital was found by Dr. Karim Ghiasi in 1974 in Tehran. It actually has  an area of  1000 square meters with 7 Floors. It is located in Ahmed Chaser Avenue, Argentine Square, Tehran, Iran. (The hospital is in the vicinity of AITO Building, AITO MedTour HQ.)

 Providing the ideal scientific and technical atmosphere for the specialists and the newly graduated students was one of the most vital missions of this hospital.

Gandhi Hotel Hospital

Gandhi Hotel-Hospital was founded in 2008 by a panel of national and international experts with the goals of providing diagnostic and treatment services and attracting health tourists. The hotel hospital Ranks the biggest and the most equipped private treatment center in Iran and the Middle East. The very foundation of the hospital is based on providing a serene and not-like-ordinary-hospital kind of atmosphere to provide ease, comfort and satisfactions of the clients. Gandhi Hotel Hospital is considered to be the largest and most equipped private health center in Iran with the lofty goal of providing diagnostic and therapeutic services and in parallel attracting health tourists by a group of Iranian physicians internally and externally in 2008. The Gandhi Hotel Hospital operates on the basis of international standards for health and hospitality, and is classified as one of the first private hospitals.

The hospital has several clinics as presented below.

Mustafa Hospital

Mostafa Hospital is a private hospital located in Tehran. The International Patients Department of the Hospital, established to exclusively serve international patients was created in 2017, after considerable rise in the number of foreign patients seeking treatments at the hospital. This department is now equipped with world-class facilities, all in line with the mission of the hospital to provide its patients with the best services.

Noor Eye Hospital

Noor Ophthalmology Complex became operational in 1993 by establishing the first ophthalmology subspecialty clinic in Iran. This clinic, was the first stage of Noor activities, and is still operational. Subspecialists in all fields of ophthalmology are present in Noor Eye hospital and Clinics to examine and treat international patients. All ophthalmology services from primary examinations, imaging, optometry to advanced surgeries like cornea grafting are conducted in this center.