About AITO Iran Tours

AITO Iran Tours, founded in 1989 as Azadi International Tourism Organization (AITO), is one of the largest travel and tour operators in Iran with more than 25 years of professional experience in the travel and tourism industry.

AITO is supported by a network of offices around the world in providing tourism and travel to Iran. As a multi award winning tour and travel company, AITO specializes in adventure and unique cultural tailor made holidays, group tours to the most interesting places in Iran and its neighbouring countries, and inbound medical tourism. 

Why AITO MedTour for Medical Tourism to Iran?

If you intend to travel to Iran for medical treatment, you will certainly want to know why AITO MedTour is “Your Health and Wellness Choice in Iran”. Below, we have briefly introduced our competitive edge in the Iranian heath tourism market. (If you are still uncertain why Iran should be your choice for treatment and wellness, read the article on advantages of Iran in health tourism.)


About AITO MedTour

AITO MedTour is the Health Tourism Department at AITO Iran Tours which aims to offer health and wellness services in Iran to international patients who are looking for high quality, inexpensive therapeutic or cosmetic services. We intend to organize and redefine health tourism in Iran which is mostly handled by (unofficial) middlemen and to offer the health tourism as a piece in our extensive chain of services. To that purpose, and in addition to the licenses, permits and memberships we hold for tour operation, we have obtained necessary legal permits for running medical tours and offering health services to international patients who choose Iran as their healthcare destination.


Why Medical Tourism to Iran?

Any foreign traveler might ask why Iran must be the destination for medical treatment and health tours. There are various reasons for choosing Iran for health and medical tourism as Iran is a vast country with excellent treatment options as well as numerous natural and historical attractions. AITO MedTour, the Health Department at AITO Iran Tours, has prepared below a brief overview of the main reasons why Iran must be the choice for medical treatment and health for foreigners.


A hospitable people

Iranian are known for their hospitality, regardless of their guest being an Iranian or a foreigner. The late Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef, author, and documentarian, had this to say of Iran when he traveled here a few years ago:

“Of all the places, of all the countries, of all the years of traveling, it’s here, in Iran, that I’m greeted most warmly by total strangers.”

If you travel to Iran and have random strangers on the street invite you to a meal at their own house, don’t be surprised!