Dental Services in Iran

Oral health is so essential to our overall health that several medical conditions might result from the lack of oral health. Ideally, we should prevent gum disease and tooth decay through dental hygiene and proper diet; however, different factors such as aging can affect the oral health, in which case referring to a dental surgeon is necessary.

Orthopedic Surgery in Iran

Your musculoskeletal system plays a critical role in your mobility and well-being. Orthopedic surgery tries to repair problems with your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves to allow you to get back to your normal way of moving and working. There are many factors that could affect one’s orthopedic health; however, it is crucial to act soon when the symptoms appear. 

Ophthalmology Services in Iran

Iran has state-of-the-art medical equipment for optical surgeries and at AITO MedTour we offer ophthalmology services by well-established university professors. While requiring great expertise and accuracy, some of the surgical operations such as FemtoLASIK are done in a matter of seconds by our surgeons, which must give you an idea of how advanced the procedure is in Iran.


Fertility Services and Infertility Treatment in Iran

Infertility is an unfortunate side-effect of modern life which has been increasing in the recent decades. From a clinical perspective, a couple who have been attempting to conceive for at least one year without success are considered infertile.


While adoption is one option for infertile couples, thanks to many medical options available today, such couples can have a chance at biological parenthood as well.

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Solutions in Iran

At AITO MedTour we believe that everyone must be happy with how they look. Still, sometimes medical options are needed to help those who have not achieved satisfactory results from diet or exercise to boost or regain their confidence. In addition, some of these operations help lower the risk of future diseases that could result from physical conditions such as obesity.

Medical Treatments in Iran

Since AITO MedTour is a facilitator of health services and medical operations, we can provide virtually any medical treatment and cosmetic solutions required by foreign patients inside Iran (except for a few types of fertility services). We are in partnership with top hospitals and clinics in Tehran that have International Patients Departments and are certified and permitted by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education to treat foreign patients.