Aftercare in Iran

A premier destination for all your wellness needs, has arrived. Iran represents a welcoming mix of vacationing, natural and living environment. Iran offers the widest of attractions from luxury urban spots to mountains, ancient attractions and historical sites. It’s burgeoning healthcare and medical tourism and facilities are at par with international standards.
Iran has a healthy and pleasant climate and wonderful scenery. A country rich in natural resources of spas, mineral water, hot, cold and thermal springs in different cities. With reference to the healing benefits of natural and mineral springs, a bath in a natural hot spring can also be mentally uplifting due to a relaxing time spent in a pleasant environment, often with natural scenery causing an increased feeling of wellbeing. Skin conditions are also treated successfully at hot spring health spas.

Suggested Wellness Packages for Medical Tourists

Iran is surrounded by the breathtaking Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and mesmerizing mountains. This environment provides a good surrounding for healing the body and mind of patients. There are many healing programs in Iran related to natural resources such as forest healing and water healing.
Many natural springs around the nation are working to develop new healing contents and stay programs which offer various facilities & programs for healing the body and mind. Medical convergence resorts provide a therapy collaborating traditional Iranian medicine. Traditional Iranian food are made from local organic products and have proven to have good effects on maintaining health and curing diseases.