Why AITO MedTour for Medical Tourism to Iran?

If you intend to travel to Iran for medical treatment, you will certainly want to know why AITO MedTour is “Your Health and Wellness Choice in Iran”. Below, we have briefly introduced our competitive edge in the Iranian heath tourism market. (If you are still uncertain why Iran should be your choice for treatment and wellness, read the article on advantages of Iran in health tourism.)


Power of AITO Iran Tours, now in health tourism

The main distinguishing point about AITO MedTour is that it is the Health Tourism Department at AITO Iran Tours company, the largest incoming tour operator in Iran with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. As a result, not only is it backed by efficient logistics and experienced staff, it also holds all the necessary permits and licenses to carry out cultural and health tours across Iran and handles a large number of foreign nationals in its incoming tours all year round, offering them all airport-to-airport services. AITO prioritizes safety and security of its guests while facilitating their visa formalities, tickets, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and wellness programs of the best quality and at the best rates. Considering the scale of its operations, AITO can handle a large number of incoming tourists and since it is part of Parsian Tourism & Recreational Centers (our parent company) it has direct access to more than 20 hotels across Iran, with several 4- and 5-star hotels only in Tehran (read more here.).
AITO MedTour, the Health Tourism Department at AITO Iran Tours, in an internal start-up that has put top graduates of Health Tourism in charge of running a specialized operation and has combined the knowledge and expertise of these individuals with the strong footing of the AITO. The department also consults with professors from universities of medical sciences, some of whom are also available for conducting surgical operations on our patients.

 آیتو مدتور - گردشگری سلامت ایران

Other reasons for choosing AITO MedTour for your medical travel to Iran:

Premium medical services

AITO MedTour has researched and found the top qualified doctors and surgeons and has drawn up contracts with major hospitals; therefore, your surgical operation will be carried out by experienced and highly-committed doctors. Some of our operations are conducted by established university professors.  


A choice among different options

We try to our best to offer you different options for your treatment and wellness in Iran before your set foot on your journey. This means that you will have a choice among different hospitals, clinics, and doctors, and we will not limit your choice. You will get a chance to balance pros and cons of the services (for instance, more expensive vs. VIP accommodation). However, we will be by your side all the steps of the way and will help you with your decision-making.


Inexpensive treatment

Apart from the fact that due to the sanctions imposed on Iran it has become increasingly less expensive in recent years to travel to Iran as compared to other countries, AITO MedTour’s partnership with Parsian Hotels as well as top hospitals has resulted in a much lower cost of your medical trip to Iran. This means that compared to other countries, you could save up to 70% on regaining your health while enjoying the same quality of healthcare services and having the chance to sightsee and relax in Iran.


On-demand services with zero wait time

When you choose AITO MedTour for your health tourism to Iran, you need not be concerned with bureaucratic routines, paperwork, and formalities and there will be no waiting time in receiving the services you need. We will handle and arrange everything for you, and you will be treated in the shortest possible time (in case of some eye surgeries, a few minutes!). Then, you can return home very soon or stay here for a few days and enjoy our wellness tours. While you are here, you will have access to the internet and an interpreter.


A different recovery

We have researched and explored wellness options across Iran and we are prepared to offer various kinds of wellness tours, including trips to hot springs and ecotourism. You will also have the option of choosing from among various cultural tours of AITO Iran Tours which are being operated all year round.


Contact us today, get free consultation, and plan your medical trip to Iran.