Medical Treatments in Iran

Since AITO MedTour is a facilitator of health services and medical operations, we can provide virtually any medical treatment and cosmetic solutions required by foreign patients inside Iran (except for a few types of fertility services). We are in partnership with top hospitals and clinics in Tehran that have International Patients Departments and are certified and permitted by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education to treat foreign patients.

We will provide Travel Accident Insurance coverage for any patient who enters Iran through AITO MedTour and the hospitals where you will undergo your surgical operation will arrange your medical insurance (the type and cost of medical insurance varies for treatments and among different hospitals and will be provided to you upon request).

In the following sections we provide a brief list of some of the more common healthcare services for foreign patients in Iran. These include cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology services, fertility services, orthopedic surgery, urology & general surgeries, dental services, and health check-up.