About AITO MedTour

AITO MedTour is the Health Tourism Department at AITO Iran Tours which aims to offer health and wellness services in Iran to international patients who are looking for high quality, inexpensive therapeutic or cosmetic services. We intend to organize and redefine health tourism in Iran which is mostly handled by (unofficial) middlemen and to offer the health tourism as a piece in our extensive chain of services. To that purpose, and in addition to the licenses, permits and memberships we hold for tour operation, we have obtained necessary legal permits for running medical tours and offering health services to international patients who choose Iran as their healthcare destination.

گردشگری سلامت در ایران با آیتو مدتور

AITO MedTour is an internal start-up that has put top graduates of Health Tourism in charge of running a specialized operation and has combined the knowledge and expertise of these individuals with the strong footing of the AITO. The department consults with professors from universities of medical sciences, some of whom are also available for conducting surgical operations on our patients. Through contracts and agreements with top doctors and hospitals, AITO MedTour has paved the way for international patients to travel to Iran for health and wellness. Thanks to 25 years of experience in tourism industry and its exemplary logistics, AITO Iran Tours arranges and provides all the services needed by international patients, including T-Visa, booking of flights, hotel reservations, CIP airport services and transfer, healthcare services, cultural tours, and wellness tours.

سلامت در ایران

It is worth noting that AITO Iran Tours is part of Parsian Tourism & Recreational Centers (our parent company) and has direct access to more than 20 hotels across Iran, with several 4- and 5-star hotels only in Tehran (read more here.). Therefore, we can arrange your accommodation at competitive prices in the shortest time. We also offer our international guests wellness tours across Iran, while they can also choose from among various cultural tours of AITO Iran Tours which are being operated all year round.

سفرهای گردشگری در ایران با‌ آیتو مدتور

Some of the more popular treatments that AITO MedTour has focused on are cosmetic and plastic surgeries (including weight loss surgeries), dentistry, ophthalmology, infertility treatment, and orthopedic treatment.

We have simplified the treatment process for our international patients, which you can read more about here.


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